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What to wear on Zrce Beach?

Preparing for a summer party vacation can sound like this: “I have no idea what to wear there!” We understand, even if you’re not going to a certain location for the first time, you will be in doubt what to wear. The goal is to feel comfortable and, at the same time, to shine. We know, if you have the opportunity to go to Zrće for the first time, you could feel more worried after this introduction. But don’t worry, you’re going to enjoy, relax, party and dance, whole day and whole night. So, at first, you need comfortable clothes and shoes, and some shiny details. There’s no strict dress code, but we have recommendations for you.

Weather in Croatia

Summer in Croatia and on the Adriatic coast is hot. Between June and September, daily temperatures reach 35°C. The weather near the sea is characterized by humidity, and there are short rainy periods during the summer. Moreover, there is characteristic wind called bora blowing from the Velebit mountain range, and it is very sharp, cold and strong. While the bora brings nice weather, sirocco (also known as “jugo”) brings rain and bad weather. In short, be ready for different types of weather.

For the after the beach, wear beachwear

If you have enough energy for lying on the beach before the after beach party, you will probably wear a swimsuit or bikini.
For everyone, don’t forget sunscreen and a hat, the sun is very dangerous. We do not recommend walking anywhere without flip-flops. Walking without shoes in clubs is not allowed and it can be dangerous, the wet floor can be slippery and broken glass can cut your toes. Be aware of this, wear flip-flops, sandals or something comfortable.
However, wear some sunglasses and stay sexy and mysterious. Don’t forget, walking without a shirt and pants in town is not allowed!
For girls, nice top and short pants, short dress or pareo is a good choice. However, long sleeves and white tunic are good choices too, but if you prefer to be more sexy than romantic, choose short tops and short pants.
Don’t forget accessories: a satin hair band, flowers in the hair, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and spangles where ever you want!
Boys, stay hot in cool T-shirts, and shorts. Don’t worry, there are many shops in Novalja where you can buy appropriate beachwear, hats and whatever you want.

We recommend that you take good care of your personal belongings. Be it on the beach, at the club, everywhere you go. There are a lot of people in the crowd, and nobody knows who has sticky fingers. The easiest way to secure personal belongings is to carry them in a waterproof wallet around the neck or in a belt pack. Do not take what you don’t need. ID, money and mobile phone is enough.

Stay cool and shine at night

As you know, Zrće Beach never sleeps. Night is the second the most important part of the day, while the “after-beach” afternoon comes first.
For everyone, again, take care of your personal belongings.
And now the question arises, what to wear at night? We don’t guarantee that you will be at one place all night. There are plenty of things to see on Zrće at night, you could walk around and maybe take a walk on the beach. The aim is to feel comfortable and safe. Sneakers, sandals or flip-flops are an option. Everything is acceptable. The night is warm and wet. Short dress, pants, tops, again, everything is acceptable.
The same thing goes for boys, short pants, T-shirts.
If you have the plan to make reservations for a VIP table, you will not go wrong if you decide to dress glamorously.
Don’t miss the opportunity to shine with jewelry and a creative hairstyle.

Cheat sheet for Zrće beach

Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
A lot of jewelry, earrings, necklace, hair bands, flowers
A lot of spangles
Beachwear, bikinis, swimsuits, etc.
Comfortable sneakers or sandals
Tops and short pants for girls
T-shirts and short pants for boys
Dresses and shirts for VIP
Something windproof and waterproof, just in case
Small waterproof wallet for personal belongings

Croatia mobile network operators

How to choose mobile network operator in Croatia?

If you’re visiting Croatia during the summer, you would like to stay in contact with your friends and family. If you’re coming from European Union, you’re in a better position because there’s no roaming anymore! But, if you’re not from EU, you should probably think about taking Croatian SIM card. However, we know, the most important thing when visiting Zrce is to have enough data to send pictures and videos to everyone who has to see what they missed. 😉

We would like to compare offers from different network operators in Croatia to make your decision easier. T-Com (Hrvatski Telekom is part of Deutsche Telekom), Vip, Tele2, and BonBon (uses network provided by T-Com) have special packages for tourists. Let’s check what they offer.


For 85 HRK you can get one week of the flat Internet (4G), or you can choose a daily option for 10 HRK per day. If you prefer calls, you will pay 10 HRK per month for 45 min to all Croatian networks. Visit T-Com and read more.


For 75 HRK you can get one week of unlimited surfing (4G). Moreover, 100 minutes/SMS within Croatia, with no call setup fee are included. The daily package will cost you 15 HRK. Visit Vip and read more.


For 55 HRK you can get 10 GB of data (4G) and 200 minutes towards all Croatian networks with call connection fee 0,39 HRK. Read more on Tele2.


For 55 HRK you can get 6 GB of data (4G) per month. This is the most expensive BonBon offer, while cheaper offer includes less GB, but include calls and SMS. Visit BonBon here.

Croatia - Network operators - offers for tourists

Croatia – Network operators – offers for tourists

Five facts about a breathtaking fun factory in 2018

1. Novalja and Zrće Beach never sleep!

Visiting Zrće Beach is more than an active vacation. If you’re planning your vacation on Zrće Beach, you can be sure that you won’t sleep there. Partying on the only party beach in Croatia never ends. Party, eat, enjoy the beach, repeat. Even if it’s not the time for an after beach party or wild nightlife, you will find a lot of entertainment along the 1.5 km long Zrće Beach. In Novalja and on Zrće, there are amazing cocktail bars with a huge offer of tasty and refreshing cocktails and other drinks. If you’re tired of dancing, it is time to try something crazy, such as bungee jumping or jet skiing. When you’ve become tired of indulging in cocktails, order some delicious food in one of many amazing restaurants on Zrće. After all is done, don’t forget to take a moment and enjoy a breathtaking sunset. During the nightlife, repeat all, and wait for the sunrise.

2. Better than famous clubs worldwide – according to DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs

Four Zrće clubs, according to DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs, are better than famous clubs in Dubai, Tokyo, Ibiza, Miami, etc. Visitors decided in 2017 that Aquarius, Calypso, Noa and Papaya are better than ever. The mission for 2018 is clear – become even better, make festivals bigger, and host more of the world’s best DJ’s. We agree with you, in this unique situation it seems impossible to decide which club to visit. You will wish to clone yourself and be at multiple places at the same time.

3. You have everything you need along one beach

Parties, drinks, food, entertainment, beach and repeat it all. Everything that you need is along the 1.5km long beach. When you arrive, all you have to do is choose what to do first. You can drink cocktails in the lounge, enjoy the view and prepare yourself for the after beach party. Second, you can lie down on the beach. Third, you can order some delicious food and get extra energy for parties. The fourth option is to go straight to the club and party hard all the time, without other plans. Whatever you decide, and have fun!

4. When festivals end, partying won’t stop

There are more than ten big festivals between June and September on Zrće Beach. If you’re arriving in the period without festivals, don’t worry as you will still have fun like it is festival time. On Zrće Beach, partying never ends.

5. Time flies – you will wish to stay longer

If you plan to stay here only for a few days, change your plan immediately. A couple of days are not enough to try everything that Zrće offers you. Now is an ideal time to plan your summer vacation on Zrće Beach, check out the schedule of festivals and concerts of your favorite DJ’s. However, at the end, you will wish to stay a little bit longer. Hurry up, and come back before the summer ends!

6. When you enter the Aquarius club, you won’t go anywhere else

Two amazing floors full of party people, pretty girls and hot guys having fun and enjoying the latest EDM hits. You don’t want to miss this. It doesn’t matter which type of party person you are, Aquarius is here for different tastes. If you prefer to be in a crowd in the middle of the pool during the after beach party, or in the middle of the dancing floor at a night party, you’re in the right place. If you like to be separated in a VIP area with your own table and with a beautiful view of the floor and stage, Aquarius has a table for you. Do you want more? Yeah, only in Aquarius you can have a private cabana with personal bartenders, a personal pool with a beautiful view of the crowd, stage and the beach in front the club. It doesn’t matter which type of party person you are. Just come, and party with us!


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