How to choose mobile network operator in Croatia?

If you’re visiting Croatia during the summer, you would like to stay in contact with your friends and family. If you’re coming from European Union, you’re in a better position because there’s no roaming anymore! But, if you’re not from EU, you should probably think about taking Croatian SIM card. However, we know, the most important thing when visiting Zrce is to have enough data to send pictures and videos to everyone who has to see what they missed. 😉

We would like to compare offers from different network operators in Croatia to make your decision easier. T-Com (Hrvatski Telekom is part of Deutsche Telekom), Vip, Tele2, and BonBon (uses network provided by T-Com) have special packages for tourists. Let’s check what they offer.


For 85 HRK you can get one week of the flat Internet (4G), or you can choose a daily option for 10 HRK per day. If you prefer calls, you will pay 10 HRK per month for 45 min to all Croatian networks. Visit T-Com and read more.


For 75 HRK you can get one week of unlimited surfing (4G). Moreover, 100 minutes/SMS within Croatia, with no call setup fee are included. The daily package will cost you 15 HRK. Visit Vip and read more.


For 55 HRK you can get 10 GB of data (4G) and 200 minutes towards all Croatian networks with call connection fee 0,39 HRK. Read more on Tele2.


For 55 HRK you can get 6 GB of data (4G) per month. This is the most expensive BonBon offer, while cheaper offer includes less GB, but include calls and SMS. Visit BonBon here.

Croatia - Network operators - offers for tourists

Croatia – Network operators – offers for tourists